Purchase Agreement

The images licensed for use by RM Media Ltd are licensed under a rights managed license which allows the licensee to use the image on a single web site multiple times as they wish for a period of 50 years.

RM Media Ltd sells two different licenses one for use on a commercial web site and one for use on a non-commercial web site.

A commercial web site is defined in this license as any web site which conducts commerce or advertises commercial products either on their own behalf or as an advertiser or affiliate or links to a web site conducting such business.

This definition of a commercial web site includes blogs and social media sites with links to such commercial sites even if they provide largely educational material on the blog or social media site. These type of web sites would need to purchase a commercial licese here

For example this definition includes on line newspapers/magazines, legal blogs linking to commercial law practices, medical advice blogs linking to commercial medical sites, not for profit sites if they link to commecrial web sites, any sites carrying advertising.

Please ensure you purchase the correct type of license and if you need clarification of the type of license you require please contact us.

Should you have a doubt or question about which license to purchase then please ask prior to purchasing a license by using the contact link at the bottom of the page.

Should you require a license for any other purpose please contact us.